new meds

I got the box of meds on Tuesday, so Tuesday night was my first run with the new stuff. I took the first does at 10:30pm, and unfortunately didn’t end up taking the second dose at all. I’m supposed to take it 2.5 to 4 hours after the first dose with at least 4 hours to sleep afterwards. They sent an alarm, but we didn’t set it up right so it didn’t go off like it was supposed to. Tonight I’ll use my phone to wake me up.

I am sad to say that in the last three days I have had to pull over twice and take a quick (10 min) cat nap around 11am. I haven’t had to do that in years. I can usually make it to 12:30 or so, then take a good nap and be ok the rest of the day. Very thankful for the DVD player in the van at these times.

I am excited to see how tomorrow goes, that is IF I take all the meds at the right time.

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