opening day

This morning was the opening ceremonies for the girls softball season. We had no idea what to expect since this our first season. It was better and much smoother than I had anticipated. We got there at 11, took team pictures at 11:30, went straight to the homerun derby, then they announced the teams- Avery’s team was the first to be announced. We were home by 1:30- wonderful!!

Flower Power

After the team pictures, we went to the home run derby. Each girl on the team had the chance to hit 3 balls off the tee. They had white lines drawn on the field that labeled how far the ball was hit0 25 ft, 40 ft and 75 feet. She was the last girl to go on her team to go up to bat. She popped the first two up and they went far, the third one was hit on the ground. She was excited.

hitting the ball
winner. she hit the ball 29 feet

While I was escorting Avery around to all these activites, Sawyer and Dan were off playing. There was an option to buy a bracelet for $5 for the kids to play on the jolly jumps they had set up. It was well worth it for Sawyer to play there. He was pooped when we got home and took a great nap.

Sawyer had fun at Opening Day too.

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