pajama party

THe other night Avery and I were driving home. I was telling her that as soon as we get home, she needs to get her pjs on. Then we got into a conversation on how to say pajamas in Spanish. She told me it’s, “pejota.” Ok, so we went on and talked about which “pejota” she would put on…

Then I thought to myself, that just doesn’t sound right. So I asked her, are you sure that’s how you say pajamas in Spanish? I explained that she is teaching me so she needs to be sure she’s is correct when teaching me new words. Her response, “well, I am pretty sure I am right. P is “pey” and J is “jota.” So pjs is pejota.”

I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants.

COme to find out pajamas is actually “pijama.” I think I can remember that!

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