San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park

Wow! What an adventure. We went to the Wild Animal Park. The weather was great and it wasn’t crowded at all. We decided to take the Safari Walk- walk the whole park on a trail! It took us the whole day. We didn’t see any shows. We watched about 15 minutes of the elephant show then left- it wasn’t so great.

The last thing we did was the Wgasa Bush Railway- 45 minutes. That was pretty cool, since that is closest you can get to the hippos, giraffes, tigers and lions. There were some baby giraffes- born only 2 weeks ago.
We saw the gorillas play and one even pooped- Dan thought it was going to throw it’s pool at us!! That would have been classic. Avery had fun, and seemed like she actually was looking at and interested in the animals.

There was “Savanna Springs”- fountain type things with water squirting out. That was fun, Avery and Dan got soaked- at least Avery had dry clothes to put on, Dan just air dryed.

Suggestion- bring your walking shoes!

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  1. I miss my WAP. Sounds like there is a bunch of new stuff since I went last. I loved your pics!

  2. Yes, it wa awesome. I very good day. They have a “snoar & roar” camp. I would love to that one day with Avery. You spend the day there, and them camp there on the premises intents they have set up. Looks pretty cool. Does anyone know of anyone who has done this?

  3. i don’t think gorrilas throw poop. that’s a pretty exclusive to chimp activity as far as i’ve witnessed.

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