new backyard

We were very fortunate that the house we bought and moved into a month ago was “move in ready.” The only thing that needed work was the backyard. Dan has been itching to start working on it since we moved in. He got to this weekend.

before picture

There was a random decent sized hole in the backyard. Dan told Avery that it would be ok to make the hole bigger. So she found a shovel and began to dig. The hole ended up big enough for her to sit in. She tried to go down the hole, like Alice, it didn’t work.

big hole

Dan had a bunch of dirt delivered on Friday morning. Dan tore up the dirt in the backyard. It took quite a few trips with the wheel barrow to get all the dirt in the backyard. The kids and I just left him alone.

working in the dark

Saturday Morning. Dan got up early to start working.  He, and 3 friends worked most of the day to get our backyard done.

flat backyard

By 3pm, the backyard looked like this:

new backyard- it's gorgeous

Eventually we want to put in a play structure- we just need to find one at a great deal. I look forward to playing in the backyard with the kids and friends when the weather is warmer. Making memories…

3 responses to “new backyard”

  1. Awesome…we have been in our house 18 months and still have put in grass….we have dirt like you did before.

  2. Not sure about a putting green. We hope to put in a play structure soon in the back right. Maybe a kids pool in the summer.
    It only got done and looks good because Dan did it. He starts a project and gets it done within a reasonable time- fast.

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