Today Avery went to a “Knights & Princesses” birthday party. I ASSumed she’d want to dress up as a princess. Nope, she wanted to dress up like a knight ever since we got the invitation. I was a little surprised to say the least. She is a princess through and through, and has many princess dresses and accessories.

Last night she got her costume together (mostly Sawyer’s knight costume that he got from Santa- oopsy, a little big for him). She wore it last night when we went out to eat, helmet and all. As soon as she got up this morning, she put it back on.

We walked to the store this morning. It’s 3/4 of a mile each way. I suggested many times that she ride her scooter, but she insisted on riding her horse Sparkles. She made it there alright, but on the way back Sparkles got really tired… I asked her, “Next time when I suggest you ride your scooter, what are you going to do?” She replied, “I’ll definitely ride my scooter.” We’ll see!!

Sparkles in getting tired!!

Unfortunately Dan and I couldn’t take her to the party. I had a baby shower to go to and Dan was very busy working on the backyard. That’s a whole new post! Thankfully our friend April was able to pick her up on the way and drop her off. So wonderful. She had a great time. She decorated a shield and a crown, help bust open the pinata and ate lots of cake and ice cream. And I missed it all- bummer.

ready for the party

I love that she still enjoys dressing up. Usually she’s so girly when dressing up, so I was happy she decided to branch out and dress up in a “boy” costume. I hope this creative side of hers stays colorful.

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