Sear’s Essentials!!

Avery and I went to Sear’s Essentials this morning. Remember when Sear’s bought out K-Mart? Sear’s made some of the stores Sear’s Essentials and some they laft as K-Mart. Well, I hope they transform the crappy K-Mart in Ventura.
This place is awesome. It has all the K-Mart/Target stuff; seasonal, toys, bath, some groceries (yes, refridgerated), cleaning, cosmetic, music… and all the Sear’s stuff; shoes (real brands), clothes (Sear’s quality), furniture, BBQs, TVs and of coarse the TOOLS! It was great since you can go to a department store without going to the mall- since that has turned into a “project.”

“but you don’t have to take my word for it…” Reading Rainbow

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  1. I forgot to add that we were in San Diego. I asked the woman who worked there about when and if they were going to change the rest of the K-marts and she said they weren’t going to. They were only transitioning a few cities to see how it all went. Luck for San Diego!! Is Ventura next?

  2. our local kmart has some “essentials” branded apparel. i hope they don’t change it over. they make everything super fancy and then decent folk don’t have any place to shop.

  3. No, this place wasn’t fancy at all. Just like a K-Mart but with better stuff. The prices were all still good too. They even had a Sear’s Portrait Studio in there!

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