Valentine Cards

Avery’s Daisy troop got together to make some Valentines for the troops. We made cards at Christmas, I never thought about making Valentine cards too. We met at the park after school.  Between what I brought, and three other moms, there was plenty of crafty stuff to work with. It was fun, but windy. The girls were really into it and each made quite a Valentines to send to the troops.

working hard…

Avery and I talked about who would be getting these Valentines. She has a friend, Lukas, whose dad has been in Afghanistan on  and off for the last few years. So she has something to relate this to. She got a little sad for Lukas, whose dad is gone a lot, but I reminded her that he’s home now and able to spend a lot of time with Lukas and his brother Evan. Then I reminded her that they will be here in a month to visit!! That made her happy.

getting creative

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