sleep test

I went in for a sleep test the other night, and had to stay most of the day too- 18 hours! It wasn’t too bad- I couldn’t leave the building (mostly just stuck to my room). It was like a very simple hotel room- bed, tv, chair, bathroom. I brought my phone & iPad. Couldn’t use my laptop, no Wifi!! So I sat, played a lot of Sudoku, watched TV and ate… pretty boring.

I checked in at 9pm and left at 2:45 the next afternoon.

nighty night…

I had probe things all over my face and head, 2 on my legs and two on my chest. Then I had to have the oxygen monitor thing under my nose (very annoying) and a blood oxygen thing on my finger. Add two “belts” around my chest and abdomen. Even though I had all this junk all over my body, I was able to get a restful nights sleep.

The tech woke me up at 6:15. He took a few probes off- the ones on my legs and the straps that were around my chest and abdomen. Then I just sat… for 90 minutes, then I was able to sleep for 30 minutes. I did this 4 times.

ready for the day…
the "purse" I carried around with me.

On Monday I’ll make an appointment to meet with the sleep specialist and talk about the results and what happens next. I look forward to it!!

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