Pretty New Dress

What an adventure we had today. Paid the rent, deposited a check in the bank then headed to Trader Joes. We parked right in front of Jen Lehr so we talked to her for a few minutes. As we were going into Trader Joes, I realized Avery had pooped. Do we shop then go home to change, change in the car or go to K-Mart to change? As I am pondering my choices I realize that Avery has really pooped- like oozing out the sides, all over my shirt, down her leg and onto her dress. I was thouroughly dishgusted- crap now what? So I decided to head to K-Mart, then I can buy myself a new shirt and a dress for Avery. I usually have an extra outfit for her in the diaper bag but we used it on Sunday and I didn’t replace it!

So I am rushing into K-Mart looking for a shirt for myself- they really don’t have much there- and a dres for Avery. As I am going into the restroom, an employee stops me and says that I can’t go in the restroom with the merchandise- so I explain to her this is an emergency… well she wanted to ring me up in the back! I told her I couldn’t do that, I will go pay as soon as I am changed, I promise… she finally let me go. After we paid we finally got to go to Trader Joes.

So, Avery ended up with a pretty new sun dress and I came home with a new t-shirt, that I will probably never wear again! Oh, the adventures of parenthood, I love it!

8 responses to “Pretty New Dress”

  1. its a really cute dress. too bad getting it was no fun. I only remember getting puked on, not so much poop, but I could be wrong. Yuck.

  2. whoa thats the same story I told james about my trip to old navy…just kidding. That sucks! I would have given up and gone home after that.

  3. You’re right it’s a good excuse to buy clothes, but I didn’t get to browse, I picked up the first cute thing I found. Iw would have gone home but we absolutely had to go to Trader Joes. We did go home and bathe after that!

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