2011- simplify & be content

Time to make a list of “resolutions.” This year I am going to make a list of things I want to accomplish for myself and my family.

Two words for 2011- simplify & content

I would like to simplify my life and be content in it.

* Move into our new home and set it up the way we want it. We are moving the first week of January. I want to keep it simple, organized and cleaned up. We’ll be spending more time at home (I hope) and be content in our new home. Maybe I’ll need to watch a few episodes of “Hoarders” to keep me motivated.

* I want to make food that is healthier for my family. I would like to cook more fish (3 times a month) and a few vegetarian meals too. We need to expand our palettes! Since I do most of the cooking, that’ll be my job. I hope my family is content.

* Spend more time outside. We have some great hiking trails, parks and other outdoor fun stuff for us to spend our time in. This should cut down on “screen time” too.

* The kids- good attitudes and crack down on the whining! Not sure if that’s totally do-able, but we’ll try a few different modes of attack for this. I would like them to be content in the life they lead…

* Spend quality time with my family.  Dan & I are pretty good about spending “one on one” time with each kid and time together. But, there’s always room for improvement.

* Crafts- I need to finish so many crafts that I have started. Since we are moving, I’ve been able to go through all that material and crafts stuff. Yikes, I am scared. Before starting another project, I need to finish two projects I have already started. Simplify!!

* No $ Day- I tried this last year. I think I was successful 6 times throughout the year!  I will try to have “spend no money” days twice a month. I think I can do that!! This takes some planning on my part, just need to keep reminding myself. This will simplify my life too.

I think I’ll email myself this list a few times a month…. just to remind me.

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