Avery’s gift

When I asked Avery what her favorite gift that she got for Christmas this year was the American Girl Doll, Kirsten. We have been reading the series about Kirsten, so she was super excited to have the doll with 4 outfits.

American Girl Doll, Kirsten

The doll is even more special because it was Tori’s, my 19 year old niece. She has kept the doll for 12 years with all her outfits and accessories. I love that we didn’t spend $100+ on a doll. Avery’s been carrying it around with her everywhere she goes. Kirsten came with 4 outfits and Avery has been trying to match her every day, even her hair.

Avery & Kirsten in the red dresses.
sleeping with Kirsten- in pink.

Thank you Tori for sharing this doll with our girl. Maybe one day, she will hand it off to your girl- in a very long time!!

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  1. How wonderful that the doll has been passed on. And I LOVE how Avery is matching her outfits; SUCH a girl thing to do!

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