update on Avery’s eye

This picture is of Avery sleeping after exhausting herself from crying all day about the burn on her eye. This was the first time I really got a good look at it since she had a cold washcloth on it all day and was very protective of it. Can’t blame her, burns HURT!

avery's burned eye

We were able to put some soothing stuff on the burn during the day, but since she had a wet cloth on it all day, it didn’t do much good. When she fell asleep we were able to lather it on. We used lavender oil- supposed to help heal minor burns and has natural antibiotic in it to help keep infection away. We also put on some aloe to help healing. She took Tylenol for the pain.

Sawyer wanted to check on Avery.

Avery was laying in bed listening to a movie (Elf), since she couldn’t watch it. Sawyer was so sweet. He climbed into bed to watch the movie with her. He lasted about 15 minutes in there with her. But he kept going in to check on her and kept shushing us to be quiet.

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  1. I can tell Sawyer is very protective of his sister, even though she’s older! Such a sweetie! I had no idea the magnitude of the burn. I was not expecting this. Poor little Avery! I hope she’s feeling more like herself!

  2. Bless her sweet heart. I am so sorry she got hurt. This is why you have a migrane. You suffer more that your kids when they are hurt. Silvadene is good for burns, but I don’t know about that close to the eye. Perhaps she should see a doctor.

  3. Thanks Barbara- we are on day 4 now and it’s WAY better. No risk of infection now- thankfully.
    LeighAnn- she is feeling way better. Not tearing anymore and not sensitive to light. She is on the mend.

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