Radio City Hall Rocketts!!

Tonight we went to see the real Radio City Hall Rocketts. No, not in NYC, but in Boise, ID!! It was a fabulous show- dancing, singing & Santa!

Taco Bell Arena

Avery’s favorite part was the dancing from the Nutcracker. There was a young girl that played the part of Clara, she performed some great ballet.

My favorite part was when the Rocketts sang on the red double decker bus. The screen in the background took us all over NYC. Very cool.

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  1. I saw this, too, but at the Kodak here in LA. It was amazing! I really enjoyed the rendition of the Nutcracker, as well, with the bears and such playing all the parts. Very cool! Kind of funny I enjoyed the parts withOUT the Rockettes in them. I loved how the little boy and his brother sat down and actually read the Christmas story out of the Bible! That totally made my night!

  2. I agree. I thought the Rocketts parts were very “Disneyland.” Yes! I really surprised and pleased when they kids read the story from the Bible at the end too. Did you love the little ballerina girl? That was you! LOL!

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