Did anyone see the kids (high school age) protesting in front of the government center today? I drove by at about noon and at 2pm, I did not hear one single car honk in agreement!

On the news I saw a bunch of high schools in LA and the valley had “walk outs” to go protest. They walked across the freeways blocking offramps. Maybe these kids should have been in school!!

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  1. Yeah that was dumb. half of them probably didn’t even know what it was all about, they just thought they could miss school, hang out with their friends, get attention from every media outlet, etc…. duh. Get back to school! My tax money is paying for that education!!!!

  2. Yesterday LAUSD said they would probably suspend students who were truent. OK, let’s give these give an “excused” day to go protest! The police were also giving some students $200 tickets!

  3. it’s pretty ridiculous that they would suspend the students. how many kids hang out and smoke pot on “senior ditch day” and the school turns a blind eye? here they’re trying to express themselves and participate in the political process. i’d call that a good thing. why do they need to sit in a class room to be educated? this is a real world matter and everyone has to dismiss them as just trying to ditch school, like the high school mind can’t possibly comprehend the issue. did anyone write a positive editorial about this? no, everyone just wants kids to agnostically party, study, and hang out at the mall.

  4. School protests…

    I’ve been meaning to post on this for a while now, but I just haven’t found the time to blog lately. Sara’s post inspired me to comment on this, though, and to share a bit from my own experiences.
    Overall, I think the walkouts are a…

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