12-16 caroling with Awanas

Avery has missed the caroling event with Awanas the last two years, somehow we were out of town on that evening. This year, we were here, so I made special effort to go. We had to say “no” to two invites for this evening.

We started out all right, walking to the neighborhood closest to the church. Avery began whining about how thirsty she was. I told her we could just turn around and forget the singing part… she decided that going caroling was more important.

We sang in front of a few houses, and a couple came out to share some brownies with us! How kind!!

A few more houses, then she decided she was too hot to wear her jacket. It was kind of chilly out- I was wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt and jacket. She refused to put it back on… so we walked back to the church. She missed the last few houses. When we got back to the church (after visiting the water fountain), we had a little talk… we stayed for cookies and cocoa.

hot cocoa after caroling

I sure hope the caroling goes better next year…

This picture is of Avery and a boy that is in her kinder class as well as Awanas group. He is always smiling!!

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