12-15 donate a toy

After school (early release), we met a few friends at the fire station to donate a toy (or two) to the Toys for Tots. At first it was hard for Avery to let the toys go, but Sawyer was all over giving the fireman the toys. I explained to Avery that there are kids whose parents can’t buy them any toys, that is why we are donating them. She seemed to like that.

donating toys

The firemen were in a training meeting so we had to just drop them off and go.

We then headed to have lunch with our friends. PIZZA! What a treat.

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  1. Awesome!!
    We did this on this past Saturday too. Our apartment complex is collecting toys for Toys For Tots, so I had Devin run a toy in. Every year he & I donate a gift. Over the years, he now knows why.

    This year I also made 5 gift bags for homeless people this year. Inside I put sample-sized toiletries, $2 cash, coupons for local fast food places, and some granola bars & hot cocoa mix in them. I made 3 for men & 2 for women. I gave my first one out today. I just want to make their day a bit brighter.. and who doesn’t love a bag full of samples?! =) ‘Tis the Reason….

  2. So sorry to miss it! Good job, Sawyer! Max ended up choosing a girl’s toy, so it was easier for him to part with it. 🙂

  3. Jen- I really like the “goodie bag” idea. You just randomly handed them out? I’ll have to add that my list for next year. Thanks for the idea.
    Kim- we could get together next year to put together a few of these bags!! We missed you too.
    I hope she does start “getting” why we do this soon… It’s hard to explain it, when she has no grasp on the severity of how tough it is for some people to just live day to day.

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