Some people…

We went out to get a bite to eat and when we returned to our car to leave found we had a problem. As you can see our car (the silver one) is parked in the lines the right way. The other car however is not.  I had to back out our car in order to be able to put Avery in her carseat! Good thing both Dan and I were there or I’m not sure how I would have gotten her in. I did leave them a nice note under thier windshield wiper!
Please take the 8 seconds it takes to back up and park straight and in the lines if you have parked crooked and out of the lines.

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  1. not to diminish your story because that really sucks, but it reminded me of this:

    about six years ago i went out to lunch with this guy dave at guitar center. when we got back out there was a van parked next to us over the line. still plenty of room for both of us to get in, so not a huge deal. well, it was a huge deal to dave. he got a tiny rock from the planter and stuffed it into one of the van’s tire’s valve, screwing the cap back on to allow the tire to slowy deflat. i couldn’t believe it! i called him on it and he said, “they should learn how to park then!” that was the first and last time i went out with him and we started calling him “creapy dave” from then on.

  2. I hate it when that happens. I,ve had to pull Conrads infant carrier over Levis car seat because of inconsiderate people. What a pain!

  3. I’ve always wanted to get some of that label paper that you can print on and then peel off, and print up a stack of signs letting people know what the lines are for on parking spaces. Then when I see someone who is in obvious need of this info, I could take a sheet out and affix it to their windshield (preferably right in front of the driver’s seat, so they’ll be sure to see it). No permanent damage, but they’ll definitely get the message.

  4. It bothers me so much when these SUVs try to squeeze their big you-know-whats into parking spaces clearly marked “Compact”. HELLO! Your car is atleast 15 feet long and 7 feet wide and you plan on parking it in a space that is 8×6????? What is the matter with those people? I love coming out of a store, having parked earlier in a compact spot with an open space in between me and a Mini Cooper, only to find that a SUV has sqeezed itself right in between us so we have problems getting into our little midget cars. Forget the note. I’m keying next time.

  5. I hear you Kristi. Worse yet are the people who drive HUGE trucks, you know the ones that are like a mini van but a truck too… you could live in one of those things!

  6. Sometimes it’s the car beside them that leaves them no choice.

    This is Craig Elias and I have had the same problem with getting my 10 month old son Liam in our car.

    I found the person who owned the car they explained to me that the person next to them parked so close that it was the only way they could get into the parking lot.

    When I find myself with too small a spot I at least try to back on so both the drivers side doors can open.



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