First Ultra Sound

Today, at 10 weeks, we had our first ultra sound. My appointment was at 1, but I had to drink 36 oz of water between noon and 12:30! And not pee! Well, this was challenge! My friend who is a nurse told me that they can do a “reverse catheter” if you don’t have enough liquid in my stomach! YIKES! That sounds horrible. So I drank and drank and drank!
I get to my appointment early- of coarse, and they are running late- of coarse, and I REALLY have to pee! 10 minutes after my scheduled appointment I tell the lady behind the desk that I am not sure how much longer I can wait! 5 minutes later I get called back- hurray!
The radiologist begins the ultra sound- all I can think about it going pee! I am holding it in… consequently the radiologist “has to” push on my bladder to see Mac. Yikes, finally I see Mac and I get to go pee!
Then I find out I am having an “extensive” ultra sound- I will not go into detail but we got a picture of Mac- it looks like he is sticking his tongue out!
Oh the joy…

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  1. Sara, Now that it is too late…when I went to have my ultrasound for Emma, I did the same thing, but as soon as I got on the table and they started looking, they said my bladder was TOO full and to go pee. Geez, make up your mind. After that I never drank that much again.

  2. How cute is your little Mac!!! I’m so excited that you go to see him/her – it makes it more worthwhile when you’re feeling pukey.

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