I Am the Biggest Loser

It’s over- 8 weeks. All together the 16 of us (who logged onto the web sight to record our weight) lost 200 pounds! That is pretty stinkin’ good. I ended up losing 12.9% and Dan lost 11.2%.
Now let’s hope we all keep it off. Dan and I have changed the way we eat, which is the best part of this. I thought we would be out eating a bunch of junk today, but so far we’ve been good. We drove by Cost Co and didn’t stop for an ice cream!
Now I need to make time to go… shopping with my winnings! Thanks guys.

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  1. […] Sara and I entered the Ventura’s Biggest Loser eight weeks ago and we are finally through. Sara ended up the biggest loser on the women’s side, I’m so proud. I almost won, .5% or another pound and I would have won, I guess that 8 weeks of no exercise did me in. Speaking of exercise and dieting it brings me back to this almost two year post (I wonder what my blog looked back then). […]

  2. Sara – you look wonderful (but then again I always thought you looked good)- good job. Have fun shopping. Love A.

  3. who wrote ….wowza ????????

    Biggest loser ????……you guys were talking about weight ….oh…..

    stop by….check in……Avery looks great……You look great…..even Danny looks great !!!!!!!!

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