Dan and I went to A’s parent/teacher conference this afternoon. It was all good news. She’s doing great academically and socially. All the assessment tests were done is Spanish- sorting, patterns, rhyming, beginning and ending sounds in words, writing letters and numbers, and writing words. She writes phonetically- what she hears, so some of the words weren’t spelled right, but for a girl who only knew three words in Spanish 3 months ago she’s doing awesome.

The rate the kids by giving them 1 (below grade level), 2 (at grade level, progressing) or 3 (mastered the skill, above grade level). She got 4 four 3s and eight 2s. She got all “Es” (excellent) the social, hw, effort, following rules, listening and following direction… that kid of stuff. We are really happy she got 2’s and 3’s.  That means academically she knows the info and even better she knows it Spanish!

We are so excited.

Muy bueno Avery!!

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