10 Months


Our little girl is now 10 months old!
Avery can now take a few steps with her walker. She also has enough balance to stand up by herself for about 10 seconds! She’ll be walking soon, but hopefully not too soon.

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  1. i’ll never understand the big hesitance of parents for their kids to walk. when they walk, you don’t have to carry them all the time! they can do so many more things for themselves. i suppose there are a few downsides to walking, as far as safety, but most of them are already there with crawlers.

  2. Since I only let her crawl in the house-not at the store, the mall or outside it limits her contact with eating rocks, mouthfuls of dirt and like you said the safety stuff. Then I have to make sure to have socks and shoes all the time too!

  3. I always heard that “they” say when they are first walking, no shoes is best.

  4. That is true and when we are home she is in just socks or bare feet. But when we are out- the store, the bridge, the park, restaurants… she will be is shoes! Shoes don’t necessarily have to have hard soles though. Avery has a pair of those and they are like wearing socks.

  5. I love the picture where she is ‘smirking’ with her tongue out. Need new pics for the wall – last one was Christmas. Love to you all.

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