smashed pumpkins

We carved pumpkins and set them out a few days before Halloween. They looked great!! Avery designed them and Dan did the carving. Nice, huh?

our fabulous jack-o-lanterns

We came home on Saturday night to find that someone had smashed both pumpkins in the road. Avery was so sad and mad. She cried.

She then decided she needed to write a note to the bullies who did this. She did it all by herself. She asked me how to spell a few words, but I didn’t tell her what to write. She posted it on the fence by where the pumpkins once were.

note Avery wrote to the bullies who smashed her pumpkins

On Monday there was a note from a neighbor for Avery tucked over her (large) note.

note from a neighbor

I thought it was really nice of whomever it was to write her this note. What a caring person. Avery tried to guess who wrote the note… it’s hilarious.

Then our doorbell rang on Monday afternoon. I looked out to see one of our neighbors. Honestly, at first I was a little bit worried- what now? She asked to speak to Avery. She told Avery that she had read her note and was sorry that her pumpkins got ruined. She then gave her a fake pumpkin to decorate. I thought that was SO NICE!! Avery was stoked.

decorating her new fake pumpkin

This started out as a very sad event for Avery, but ended up turning out pretty well. Our neighbors are pretty nice & caring- except for the ones that dumped our pumpkins!

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  1. Today (11/8) the mail man brought her big pumpkin. What a great guy!! Thank you Mail Man Bill!!

  2. I love this story except that some jerk hurt Avery. I love that other people are willing to go out of their way to heal a hurt so a sweet little girl and show her that not everyone is a pumpkin smashing jerk!

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