Goose Egg

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Avery had her first really good fall today. We were at the outlet mall in Camarillo and she fell out of the stroller (not the jog stroller, just the little one). I had put her arms though but not clicked them together.
Well, she cried for about two minutes- which is kind of a long time for her. Then I saw it- the bruise and goose egg began to show! I was nervous- crap! I wasn’t sure what to so I went to Los Primeros School (about a mile away) where a friend of ours is the secretary and they have a school nurse. She gave me an ice-pack and the nurse said Avery seemed fine. Her eyes weren’t rolling around, no vomiting and she was active. I was more rattled that she was.
So, we came home, had lunch and took a nap. I checked on her every 20 minutes to make sure she hadn’t passed out or anything. She was fine, no problems, thank God.

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  1. My little fighter.

    What horrible parents we are, I was watching her on Thursday and she had never really climbed the first step before the stars before but by the time I heard her crying she was all the way up the stairs, just two stairs to go crying because she was exhausted. i felt so bad because I’ve been thinking the day would come that she tried to climb the stairs but last night she almost did the entire set.

    Crazy girl.

    Or crazy parents?

  2. It’s gotta happen sometime to just about every kid. The great part is when it starts turning all green and yellow and she get’s black circles under her eye. Hey, just trying to look on the bright side.

  3. It’s a lovely shade of purple. It will match all her outfits. Think of it as an accessory.

  4. She won’t mind now if she has a little bruise or goose egg. It’s the ones she’s gonna get after she starts school- then you have to deal with her psychological and social aspect of having a huge goose egg where all can see.
    I bet you were scared! I would be too! Nobody in their right mind would think that you’re horrible parents. Just that you have an active and cute little girl!

  5. Good thing you weren’t around. I got a call from a friend pretending to be CPS- very funny!

  6. She looks pretty happy with her new bump!
    hey…bumps…that may be the next Botox!
    “Smooth the lines around your eyes with the new goose-egg 2006!”
    hmmm…Botox is poison…so why not bruises next?!

  7. You are great parents!
    You guys covered it and she is ok.
    It happens all the time. John slammed his forehead once and it looked like he had two black eyes. Lexi has mastered the steps in the house but outside it’s all cement, pretty scary.
    This is what I refer to as the goalie phase of parenting:blocking them out from that,catching them here, saving them there…

  8. I wish I could count the number of times we have been to the emergency room with the boys! I’m suprised they didn’t report us when we checked in. But now that I think of it, I recall talking to “Offical Strangers” about all the accidents, I wonder if it was CPS checking to see if we were abusers. Hmmmm. It WAS kind of ritualistic. Snowboarding, skateboarding, basketball, swings (When Randy was a teen ager), bunk beds, dog bites, throwing rocks, and the list goes on and on. Boy, those are some great memories! Just wait. You have so much fun to look forward to.

  9. We have two boys two girls. When asked if boys or girls where more expensive to raise, my wife responded that,’ IF you add in the emergency room visits the boys win easily’.

    One guy specialized in cuts the other, one of Dan’s high school friends, broke bones.
    Number 1 Injury ” sport “: Skateboarding

    Stitches from: ROCKFIGHTS( I know… don’t get me started), falls, biking, skateboarding, skateboarding behind cars going 50 mph, skateboarding down hills, climbing fences.
    Breaks from: Skateboarding – three wrists( screws and plate still there ), hand, nose. , mosh pit dancing – nose, broke nose surfing( took care of this himself with ice and reset himself).

  10. I was watching Lexi out in the front yard and she slowly slipped into a rose bush while walking on uneven ground. She has a couple of scratches on her chin and hand. She cried so hard and looked at me. Very glad it wasn’t worse. I felt so bad.
    Next day the scratches are just about gone, ALL the roses are gone too!

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