getting creative…

“The holidays” are coming so soon!! We have a very limited budget this year for gifts. Time to get creative! I’ve been finding a lot of deals online for photo books and other photo type gifts (playing cards, mouse pad and coffee mugs). I figure if I start now, by December I’ll have a few to give to our families.

Last year I Avery paint wooden ornaments for family members.  What can she do this year? I took her to Michael’s to see if we could get some ideas… we left with a wooden fairy on a stick to color.

ornaments from Christmas 2009 by Avery

I have an idea for teacher gifts- thankfully we don’t have many teachers to buy for, I think. Once I start writing them down, I think they’ll add up… school, girl scouts, Awanas….

Then I question the intent of the gift. Am I making/buying gifts just because… I truly do enjoy planning out the gifts, whether making it or buying it. Am I teaching my kids to be consumers and give gifts just because it’s expected?

my two cuties- December 2009

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