Old Man (part II)

A few months ago I posted this Today I was running errands again and a nice old man came up to us;
Old Man: Does this young man have a piggy bank? (she is wearing a red shirt, jean skirt and red socks- but she was in a pink & white seat cover thing!).
Me: She sure does.
OM: Well here are some coins for you to out in her piggy bank.
Me: Oh, thanks…
Then we have to wait till he picks out 4 quarters from his pocket full of change…
Must be the same guy. I was in a different store but same area.

4 responses to “Old Man (part II)”

  1. Not all OLD men are Dirty Old Men, but be careful. His eyesight must not be so good as he still think Avery is a boy. Sheesh. Love, Dad

  2. That’s pretty cool! I bet he is one of those guys who gives away millions throughout his life, but he does it in small doses. We should try to be more like that; well, if we had the spare cash!!

  3. I really can’t wait to have kids now!!! Gosh- with people coming up to you in random places, giving you money for no particular reason, well, who needs a job outside of the home? 🙂

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