ice skating

Avery is taking ice skating lessons. She’s loving it!! There’s a 30 minute lesson, then 30 minutes of “practice time.” I was able to lace up my skates during this time to skate around with her.

ice skating

The lessons for ages “3 to adult” so I had no idea what it was going to be like. I was surprised at the number of people taking ice skating lessons. There were about 35 kids each week on the ice. There were a lot of varying levels too. Avery’s group was made up of about 5 kids, all around the same age.

Bella & Avery- they are getting better!!

** back slide **

During the “free skate” time after the second lesson we were feet away from a guy who had BIG accident. His skate got caught in a nick in the ice and he fell HARD flat on his face. It was pretty bloody. He ended up getting 12 stitches above his eye. I’m not sure but I think seeing the accident made her a little bit more cautious the next few weeks.

She loved the lessons, loved dressing up for them and wants to continue with them.  She passed the level she was in, but I think we’ll take a break till the new year though.  She wants to “twizzle” whatever that is!

last day of class- kitty cat

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