Is “The Season” Over?

I was at Target today and had a very bad experience. I was shopping along with many others in the Christmas stuff, that is all 50% off, so you can imagine how crowded it was! I was trying to get through the main aisle and there were too many of us trying to get through, and there was one cart that was the problem, so being the nice person that I am I moved the cart over about 6 inches, just so that we could all get through. The lady who was using the cart, gave me the dirtiest look. You’ve heard the saying, “if looks could kill…”
Here is the conversation- if you could call it that.

Me: I moved your cart so that we could all get through.

Her: You are all the way over there, my cart is over here. (all the way over there was maybe 3 feet)

Me: Sorry, I moved it so that we could all get through…

Her: (getting louder now) Mind your own business.

Me: (I am aghast now, that she is so pissed, so I begin to kind of laugh/smile!) OK.

Her: BITCH!! (This part was very loud as people around me turned around to see the commotion).

As I walk away a lady who saw the whole thing told me I did nothing wrong. I just kept smiling.

So, since it is after the 25th of December, is the season over? You know being nice, kind, sharing… how sad!

Hope that lady gets home OK. She was in some mood, I tell ya! Man, it’s been a long time since I was called a bitch.

8 responses to “Is “The Season” Over?”

  1. She’s lucky I wasn’t there.

    So this lady was worse then the lady on the plane yesterday? Or the guy yesterday that stepped around me then directly in front of me, so the back of his head was three inches from my face, so he could wait 15 minutes for his bag directly in front of me.

  2. Yes, the ‘season’ is over – actually it is over right after thanksgiving as some people are so rude. Oh well…just keep on smiling – as it piss’ them off even more. I just smile and walk away and they are shaking their heads and mumbling something…..

    Just keep smiling…..and you can laugh inside…its funny to see them.

  3. i always thought it would be fun to give someone like that a big hug. probably best that i haven’t though, since i’d probably get a knee to the groin.

  4. Who you calling a bitch. Those are fighting words. You should have shoved her cart really hard or thrown something down and yelled “bring it”!

    Not to fight but for the shock value and the entertainment to all the others watching!

  5. I’m not sure for some people it every began. I’ve been cussed at and flipped off by perfect stangers for a month now. Geez.

  6. Wow, that is crazy; you handled it pretty well, though. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at those kinds of people; it sounds like everyone else recognized who the real bitch was, too.

  7. WOW that’s horrible. You would think she would’ve been grateful that you did it…Now she doesn’t have to move it herself LOL. Some people are just plain rude.

  8. After I walked away, I wanted to say, “You’re embarassing yourself you know!” That would have been funny.

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