los colores

dia de blanca- she said "I'm the whitest girl here!" LOL!!
dia de rosita
dia de gris

Avery’s class (& the other 2 kinder classes) did a series on colors. I call it a series because it lasted 3 weeks. Everyday the teachers asked the kids to wear a specific color and they had a snack that correlated with the color- Avery brought in pink lemonade (limonda rosita). She loves themes, so this was a great way for her to learn her colors in Spanish.

Here are a few pictures of her in her “color” of the day outfits. Her poses changed from day to day. She is a character!

dia de negra

They read “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” (in Spanish) everyday, which she now has memorized, and did activities with the color of the day. She brought something home everyday that she’d made about the color. This was helpful to us, so we could talk about the color more at home. She made a book to take home at the end of the three weeks. She read it to Sawyer as soon as we got home- he wasn’t interested at all though.

I am happy to report that Avery now knows all her colors in Spanish, her numbers up to 30, her teacher’s name, the principal’s name & school name. She can recite the classroom rules and knows a few songs in Spanish.

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  1. That’s awesome; I so wish I had learned Spanish. I’d still like to, but it’s much harder to find / take the time now.

  2. Thanks JB- we think the opportunity is so awesome. We are excited to see what she comes home with every afternoon. She’s trying to teach Sawyer too…

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