First Day of School

The first day of school… exciting time.

Surprisingly Avery got up without too much coaxing on my part, I think she was excited. She got up, got dressed, brushed her teeth and headed downstairs. I did her hair, gave her her vitamins and we were out the door! Thankfully we didn’t have to take Sawyer with us, that would have added a whole other element to the equation.

Her new school

She decided she wanted to try eating breakfast at school, they were serving eggs, sausage, fruit, cereal and milk. She ate the sausage and the cereal (with milk on it- shock) and drank the milk. She was frustrated because all they had was a spork and it was hard to eat the cereal with a spork.

She remembered where her classroom was, and directed me there. She hung up her backpack and was ready. She went right into the class, found her name tag. There were 4 centers to choose from; coloring, play dough, puzzles and tangrams. She went right to the coloring table, when she was done she even put the paper in her cubbie. Then she went to check out the tangrams. She wanted me to leave… I stayed! OK, I finally left… but it was sad. I kept it together till I got home.


When Dan and I went to pick her up, she was all smiles- thankfully!! She was stoked that Dan was there to pick her up. She had a great day and was excited to come back. She said that her teacher only spoke Spanish (yeah!), they sang a few songs and made a book. I was just glad she wanted to go back!

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