Dan’s Chooses…

On Saturday we decided we needed to run a few errands since we are flying on Thursday morning. I went to go take a shower, and Dan was supposed to get Avery dresses so that when I was done in the shower we cold take off. I even left clothes out for her to wear. I got out of the shower and go to check on them and this is what I see. I nearly fell over I was laughing so hard.
None of these items are what I left out for her to wear. Her tights are on backwards so the heals are sticking up. This onsie is one she has never worn for obvious reasons!
Dan-thank you for dressing Avery, I do appreciate it, but next time stick the clothes I have left out for her to wear.

6 responses to “Dan’s Chooses…”

  1. I’ll stick with the clothes is they are clean. She loved it, and you were laughing more because you said the tights needed to cover the onesy and not the way I did it. It was funny.

  2. Call me crazy, but I would probably have put the tights under the onesie, too. Wouldn’t that help keep them up?

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