James & the Giant Peach- not so peachy

Avery & I read the book James & the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.  It took us about 4 weeks to get through it, reading a chapter or two a night. There were a few slow parts, but it pretty much kept her attention all the way through. The highlight of finishing the book was a watching the movie. Avery had it all planned out; she said it was a “girls only” event and Dan & Sawyer needed to leave us alone. Friday night was the night.

After dinner Dan & Sawyer went out and we started our movie. We had ice cream sundaes, popcorn and watchd the flick.

We were both a little disappointed in the movie. There were so many parts that we were both looking forward to seeing in the movie that were left out. Avery wanted to see the “cloudmen” and I wanted to see the sharks eat the peach’s bottom- neither part were in the movie! The shark in the movie was a robot and kind of scary.  A lot was left out of the movie, I understand that, the book had a lot of details and short adventures.

movie time

When you read a book, you formulate in your mind what the characters look like and how they walk and talk… the movie kind of ruins it! Not sure what our next book will be yet… any suggestions?

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