my day

Today is my birthday. We all slept in till 8- glorious!! Dan & Avery made chocolate chip pancakes- such a treat. Dan make his famous pancakes only a few times a year. The kids and I went to get a birthday smoothie before checking out the little farmers market. While Avery was in her swim lesson Sawyer and I went for a birthday run. It felt good to run again- it’s been too long.

Dan and I went out to dinner- just Dan and I!! Not sure when the last time just Dan and I had dinner in a restaurant. It was grand!! We had time to spare so we walked around the mall and got ice cream. It was so relaxing!!

Thanks for the phone calls, emails, texts and fb messages I got today. They were all appreciated. It makes getting older that much better!!

Thanks to NAS and the Stocks who took care of our hoodlums while we enjoyed a night out.

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