A French Accent

I have been picking up these two kids after school and hanging with them till their parents get home. There is a family across the street with 4 kids, the two youngest are the same age as “my kids,” second and fourth grade. The mom of the family across the street, Anne, is from France. She definately has an accent! Before I met her kids “my kids” told me that the fourth grader, we’ll call him “O” had a french accent, but none of the other three kids did. I thought this was weird, but well, who knows! I met “O” a few days later, I listened for a french accent… I listened really hard… he has a speech impediment- he can’t roll his r’s!! I thought this was hilarious! The funniest part is, they they really think “O” has a french accent! He sounds nothing like his mom, who really does have an accent. I asked “my kid’s” mom about it, and she laughed, she knew all about it and has tried to explain to them that he has a problem pronouncing his r’s, but they can’t comprehend this!

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