4th of July 2010

We ventured out the Pushem Pullem Parade in downtown Ventura. It was a cloudy and misty morning, we brought sweatshirts with us. The sun ended peeking out behind all those clouds and we had a fabulous time. Avery was on her scooter and Sawyer was in his pushcar.

Cam Fam 4/7/10

Avery really enjoys her scooter so much.  She did a great job not getting too far ahead of us, she didn’t run into anyone and picked up a lot of candy on her way down!  She picked up so much candy that at the end of the parade route she began handing out/throwing candy too- she thought that was really fun.

scooter girl

Sawyer loved the parade too. He sat in the pushcar while Dan pushed him. He was happy waving and smiling at all the people. Having a few pretzels and a lollipop helped out!!

Sawyer (& Zay) loved the drive down the hill
Avery & Sawyer- all American kids

After the parade we walked around the street fair for a few blocks, then had lunch. After we rested we went to the Strykers for a BBQ and a good time. We walked down to Ventura College for the fireworks. All in all it was a great day, we had a lot of fun, it was memorable.

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