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Dan’s Carseat

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Dan’s car (Mitsu Diamante) has a built-in car seat in his car. We had never used it until this weekend. We decided to try it out and she LOVED IT. I think she liked facing the right direction, she wasn’t looking at the back of a chair and a mirror- like in my car. It was very exciting. The directions on the car seat says it is good for kids from 20 to 100 pounds! That seems a bit large but who knows!

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  1. not to be a poopy head, but technically babies are supposed to face backwards until they are 20lbs AND one year. Safer for their necks i guess. Im a big stress case abouy that kind of stuff (sorry)

  2. I was about to say the exact same thing as the previous comment. They are supposed to be both over 20lbs and 1 year old. I know it sucks because Junior would prefer to be forward facing since he’s a big guy but he’s still got a few more months to go.

  3. There is no LAW regarding the infant age/weight for car seats only recommendations. The laws only apply to the getting out of the car seat altogether. I feel that you as a parent must be the one to decide what is best for your kids. My sisters youngest would have been facing backward until he was well, way beyond “neck ready” becuase he was a small kid.

  4. I wasn’t trying to offend anyone. I was told with my first that they HAD to be backward facing, but believe me I would much rather forward facing. My son is 8 months old and already almost 25 pounds and is too tall for his infant seat.

  5. Tat beautiful baby is way too young and small for that “carseat”. Please, for her safety, put her in her rear facing car seat until she has outgrown it. Here’s a bunch of good links for help with carseat info, from recall pages, to when to safely turn baby forward facing:

    Have a great holiday and again, that baby is beautiful, help keep her safe=)

  6. Your baby needs to be a year old *AND* 20 lbs to be in a forward-facing carseat. Please put that baby back in a rear-facing carseat to keep her safe!!! You’ll be able to use the built-in carseat soon enough!

  7. She needs to be rear facing. I know all about big babies, lol. My son was 20 pounds at six months, but he remained rear facing until 15 months old. The only reason I switched him then is because his legs were starting to get bunched up like a pretzel.

    Rear facing is MUCH safer in an accident.

  8. Not to argue…but these are all recommendations, not laws, just so you all know. I strongly dislike when people try to enforce their own personal feelings upon others children. Sara, you are a smart and safe girl. You can figure it out.

  9. Not to offend anyone, but if the rear facing thing is based on the physics of how safe the child is during an accident, then I don’t see how it makes a difference how old they are; should just be physical size. Also, is this a law or a suggestion?

  10. Thank you for your support, I appreciate it. We only tried out the built-in car seat to see how it worked! Please do not call CPS, we do own and use a car seat, and yes-it is rear facing.

  11. Since I’m the driver, you better hope I don’t see any of you driving around because rear facing or not I might just T-bone you.

    Seriously, most of you guys saying it’s not right for our child to sit in the seat are the same people giving your infant soda,smoking in the same room or neglecting them some other way. So maybe if you were the Jesus of child care then you could say something after this comment that would try to persuade our own parenting skills.

  12. Excerpt from one of the links above:

    The NHTSA now recommends that children stay in appropriate car seats through 8 years, 80 pounds, or up to 4’9″.

    Just in case anyone was wondering why these things aren’t taken very seriously sometimes, there you go.

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