The pool here in our condo complex is heated! We’ve been going swimming 3 or 4 times a week. We have to go while we can!!

She loves jumping off Dan's shoulders

Avery loves to swim. Thankfully she is “water safe” so we just let her go in as soon as we get in the gate- first one in and last one out.

Hanging poolside.

Sawyer on the other hand is a little more cautious. Since we’ve been going swimming so often (3 weeks now), he’s gotten way more comfortable in the water and is enjoying it more- which allows us to enjoy it more too!

At first he just hung out by the steps, maybe getting his toes wet, he has slowly but surely gotten more and more wet with each trip to the pool. Today he jumped in on his own (no prompting), swam with Dan, blew bubbles, splashed, and even went under water (ok, maybe with a little prompting!).  He was so funny- shivering to no end, purple lips, but didn’t want to get out.

He jumped in!

So proud of Sawyer for, at least he’s trying to be our little water baby. Hopefully by the end of the summer he’ll be even more comfortable in the water, and we can truly call him a “water baby.”

A family affair. Minnie came to the pool too!

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  1. Sara, that's great! It's always so funny to me how quickly kids will go from hating something to loving it, if you let them decide. Have fun swimming!
    PS, cute kid on the pool steps. 🙂

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