First Graduation

Avery her first graduation today, first of many to come!

our little graduate

Although I do think pre school graduation is a bit ridiculous, I did embrace the festivities! There were two classes that graduated from her preschool today, they each sang 3 songs on stage, then the teachers read a few sentences about each graduate and gave them a diploma and gift. The gift was was an interactive (games, puzzles & drawing) Bible- very cool.

The teachers asked each student what they wanted to be when they grew up. There were some great answers; mom, cop, firefighter, vets, spaceman, fire breather, fashion girl… When they asked Avery I guess she told them she wanted to be a “vegetarian.” Which is even more hilarious since she eats NO veggies at all. So, she wants to be a VET or a weather girl on TV.

Avery- the vegetarian

When it was over, there was an all-school picnic. The school supplies dessert (dippin’ dots) for the kids. What a treat!

Our gift to Avery for graduating was some flip flops and a bathing suit- ready for summer! Grandma was able to join us, Avery liked that a lot.

Avery & Dan- so happy together!!
That's my girl!

It  was really special to see Avery graduate with kids she’s been in school with for over 2 years now and 2 kids we’ve known “forever,” (since they were born) and will be around for a long time.

Let’s enjoy summer, then on to a new adventure.

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