summer summer time…

We are looking forward to summer around here. Summer is coming, I just turned in the last preschool tuition check, Avery is registered for VBS and the pool is now heated. We are ready….

When I asked Avery what she’s looking forward to this summer her answer was, “pool party.” I guess we can have friends over to go swimming, not sure where the PARTY part comes into play. She also wants to go to Sea World– doubt that’s going to happen. The water slides up the street (community pool) are on her list too- she’s now tall enough to go on them, we’ll see if she’s brave enough too!

This summer The Cam Fam is looking forward to;

swimming a lot!


roller skating

mini golfing

beach days

camping (beach or forrest?)

Toy Story 3

Water slides up the street

free movies

BBQ with friends (weekly I hope!)




4th of July festivities

Ventura County Fair


after dinner bike rides (to ice cream?)

crafts, crafts, crafts


We are really going to try to enjoy this summer, in the fall Avery will start Kindergarten (real school) and we won’t be able to take off like we have been. Reality!!

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  1. Seriously wish you guys were in Santa Cruz… would have loved having Avery in my Summer Programs (Theater)..!!! Mary Poppins was amazing and I cannot wait to see you all in August 🙂 Call me sometime soon so we can talk about baby sitting needs etc… for the two darlings so you and Dan can party !

  2. Linds- OMG, she'd eat your program up!! Planning on August. We may have set something up… we shall see. Are you back from NYC!! What an adventure!!

  3. Our list is very similar. Let's get together and barbecue! Maybe invite Krysti too? 🙂

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