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Dan and I went to see the movie “Garden State.” It was written & produced by Zach Braff, oh, he starred in it too. He is the guy with the dark hair from “Scrubs” on NBC. Natalie Portman was also in it. She was great! We enjoyed it a lot. There were some real “laugh out loud” moments- they were even somewhat realistic!
We saw the movie at “Arc —” in LA. It was a very cool theatre. It had a “gift shop” with t-shirts, post cards and movie stuff and a real restaurant. The bathrooms were state of the art- gorgeous. It even had assigned seating, with A LOT of leg room and wide seats- the theatre that is.
It was expensive though- $11 per person! YIKES!
It was definatly a different experience than going to Century or Edwards!

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  1. i think it was just the fact that garden state is a fantastic movie that made you think the theatre was so great.

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