5k = 3 miles

I ran my first 5K this morning. I could have prepared more, I could have trained more…

Before starting I had two goals- to finish and not finish last. I, at least, did that!

I got a mean cramp right at the 2nd mile. I tried to stretch it out and breath… it just didn’t work. So the last mile, I walked and ran.

Throughout the race there was a lady who kept passing me, then I would pass her… she was ahead of me the last mile or so (since I had that cramp!). My new goal was to beat her! I think she had the same idea. At the last quarter mile, I decided to go for it, she wasn’t going to let me pass her though. The last 200 feet, I sprinted to the finish line, I beat her!

I finished in 34 minutes. I now have a goal for next year. Who’s with me?

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