corn syrup painting

I asked Avery to find circles that we could trace. She found 6 different sizes.


We traced the circles on paper with a black crayon. She decided where to trace the circles and how many.

lots of circles

Avery chose 3 colors to make- red, pink & blue. we couldn’t make pink, since we used food coloring, so she has red, purple & blue to use. I used glass bowls, poured in some corn syrup and added a few drops of food coloring, I left her to paint the shapes she’d made, Sawyer and I went to clean out the car.

finished project

It took a long time to dry. I love how it turned out.

Thank you eighteen25 for the idea.

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  1. Not 3D, just really glossy. The one on the blog is gorgeous. I think if A had painted a background it would have “popped” more. Next time, I'll paint one too!!

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