22 months

Sawyer Timothy Cameron

Yikes! Sawyer is 22 months today!! I can’t believe it, 2 is right around the corner- better start planning that party!!

Sawyer is eating fruit like no tomorrow. Right now he is loving purple grapes, watermelon & blueberries. Now that we have  a fridge again, he’s back to eating lots of eggs & yogurt too.

Sawyer is doing WAY better being able to entertain himself while I’m getting stuff done. He’s even started to watch a little TV now. He loves playing outside with Avery- she scooters, he plays with chalk and bubbles OR they play in the water table OR just have a picnic.

We’ve been going swimming a lot already. He has little interest in swimming right now. He loves to play on the first step, but that’s about all. I do make him get in every time we go, and he basically screams the whole time!  Hopefully he’ll mellow out soon and start to enjoy it. I think it’s the temp of the water because in Panama he was doing great and in the bath he blows bubbles, lays on his front & back comfortably…

Tonight he ate sun dried tomatoes for the first time. He liked them!

I may sound old, but man TIME FLIES!!

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