freaking fridge fiasco- it has ended!!

Sunday, May 9th- fridge is making loud noises. Dan checked it out, realizes it’s not keeping stuff cool anymore. We call LG, they give us a number of a repair place, they’re not open till Monday at 9.

Monday, May 10th- make an appointment for Tuesday to have a technition come out.

Tuesday, May 11th- Russian technition comes out, yes, it’s the compressor. I call the company, yes, please order the part for us. They can’t order part until the tech puts in his paperwork tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 12th- I call at 9:30 (give the tech time to turn in his paperwork), he still hasn’t… they’ll call me ASAP when he does to confirm…

Thursday, May 13th- I call them again, yes they ordered the part from the warehouse. They’ll call us when it gets in.

Monday, May 17th- the part still hasn’t arrived.

Tuesday, May 18th- The part arrived at 3:30pm

Friday, May 21st- come out to replace the compressor. It’s still making the loud noise, Dan tells the guy, it’s not fixed, but the guy doesn’t speak English so great, and Dan doesn’t speak a lick of Russian! So he calls to complain to the company… no call back!

Monday, May 24th- Call the company, complain… make an appointment for Wednesday, May 26th

Wednesday, May 26th- Tech comes out to see what the problem is… yep, the NEW compressor doesn’t work! Wow, so surprising.

Thursday, May 27th- I spent an hour calling LG twice, calling 6 numbers they gave me of companies that are LG Certified to fix our fridge. Out of the 6 numbers, 3 were disconnected,  1 didn’t come out this far (there were in North Hollywood), 2 were stores that sell LG appliances but don’t make service calls! Unbelieveable!! The last place I called was in SB, they couldn’t come out because they are a wholesale dealer of LG appliances- they don’t fix them or make house calls!! He suggested I call Best Buy to see who they would use to fix the fridge. I called BB in Oxnard, they sent me the Geek Squad and THEY WERE TOTALLY HELPFUL! She set up an appointment for us for Saturday  morning with a new company- one that LG hadn’t given me the number to.

Friday, May 28th- the new company didn’t call, so at 3 I called them. They couldn’t make it on Saturday, too late of notice, and Monday was a holiday, so Tuesday morning it is! The appointment is between 8 and noon.

Tuesday, June 1- The “diagnostic” came out, he said it’s more than just the compressor, but something more serious. He told us that 99% of the time they just replace the whole fridge when “this” is the problem. I call BB in the afternoon, they hadn’t heard from the repair company yet.

Wednesday, June 2- I called the repair company to make sure they had sent in the paperwork, they told me they had.  So I called BB to make sure they had received, they hadn’t!! Called the repair company again… finally got it sorted out. BB told me that the info gets sent to a “review board” to see if they’ll honor the “non repairable” diagnosis, or if they are going to send out another diagnostic guy! This takes 3 to 5 business days! Seriously?!?

Friday, June 4th- BB calls and says YES we will give you a new fridge. Here is your confirmation number. Go to BB and pick out a new fridge. Praise Jesus!! We went that afternoon so get the new fridge ordered. It took over an hour to get through all the paperwork, finding codes and whatnot. BB should call us on Sunday to let us know what time the fridge will be delivered on Monday. Can you feel our excitement?

Monday, June 7th- New fridge is delivered by 9:30!! I went straight to Trader Joe’s to start filling it up!  Monday night we went to Cost Co to get more stuff.

I can’t tell you how exciting it was to make Sawyer eggs for breakfast.

I am excited to make dinner at home for a while, do the dishes & store the leftovers for the next day!

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  1. I think they must make it that difficult for you, hoping you'll just get frustrated and just buy a new fridge. 🙂 You guys have a lot of patience, what a pain to live without cold food for that long!

    BTW, now I'm waiting for your summer list….

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