adventures in Boise

Sawyer & I took a week long trip to… Boise, Idaho!  My parents, sister and niece live there- a good time was had by all!! Just Sawyer and I went since we don’t have to buy him a seat yet and Avery can go to school all day while Dan works. Avery was very excited to be able to stay at school all day- lunch, nap, snack & play.

The flights to Boise were pretty easy. We got extra seats on both flights. The hardest parts were the few minutes that he HAD to sit down- take & landing. From BUR we flew into OAK, switched planes, then to BOI. We basically walked right onto each flight, so lapse time.

I got to go to two performances, Chapter Two by Neil Simon & a fun time spoof on Star Wars called Star Warps. Sawyer stayed home with Gram & Grampy for both plays.

Handing out programs at the Neil Simon play.

It snowed while we were there!! It was crazy! We weren’t prepared for snow weather, but we managed to stay warm.  It snowed all afternoon & evening on Saturday, there was even snow in the morning, but it was all gone by Sunday afternoon. When we went to Boise last year at the same time it was gorgeous- sunny & warm. Not this year…

Hot tubbing in the snow

Tori wanted me to help her sew a new duvet cover for when she goes back to school. Help her = I sewed! After locating a sewing machine, buying the material, ribbon & thread, we spent 5+ hours sewing it all together. It went way faster than if I did it by myself though. Tori cut & pinned while I sewed. We made a good team.

completed duvet

The ladies got pedicures. Such a luxury!! Sawyer hug out with Grampy while we got pampered.

Our pretty toes…

Sawyer did an awesome job on our flights on our way home. We ended up having to take 3 flights home- one transfer. He actually fell asleep for about hour on one flight.  He’s ready to travel some more…

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