Ducktales- awoo hoo!!

Avery is very interested in what we did when we were her age. What shows & movies watched, what games we liked to play, what we liked to eat… all that kind of stuff.

Dan told her all about Ducktales, she wanted to watch it and she is loving it!! We are able to get it on Netflix. Each disk has 9 episodes on it, so it lasts her a while

I remember watching and loving “An American Tale.” I tried to watch it with her. She had no interest in watching it- turkey!

2 responses to “Ducktales- awoo hoo!!”

  1. There was one DT episode where there were some workers who sang, “ashy bah dashy badoo. Hey we can dig it!” I sing that whenever I lug things around. No one gets it, but now maybe YOU will!

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