Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all. Hope your family spoiled you.

Dan took Avery to make a few special gifts yesterday. Today she gave me a necklace with my name on it, a card and a bouquet of handmade flowers. Dan got me a Starbucks card. NICE- esp since Starbucks is having a 1/2 off deal on fraps!!

Dan planned on making breakfast but we had a late start and Avery needed to be at choir, so we went out for bagels- with a coupon!! While Avery & I went to choir practice, Dan & Sawyer went to visit his mom. She was happy to get a visit from “her boys.”

bouquet- these flowers will never die!
My new necklace. Avery told me she couldn't find all the letters to match, so she made a pattern.
Another necklace. Avery painted the larger circle (washer) & Sawyer painted the smaller one. They did this craft with my moms group. Avery picked out the necklace. They turned out cute!!
The card Avery made. Her hand on one side, with Dan's (huge) hand on the other side.
Picture for me. Not sure what's going on in this picture, but Avery spent a long time drawing & coloring it. I love it!!

All in all I had a great Mother’s Day. Dan let me sleep in a little, we went out for breakfast…. spent time together.

The only downer was that our fridge decided to take a vaca. It was making a weird buzzing sound, so Dan checked it out. Instead of taking things apart, he called a few repair places, but no one could come out till tomorrow. Then we realized it definitely was not working, it wasn’t keeping our stuff cold!! We gave a few items (milk, oj & cheese) to our neighbor to keep for us. We were very limited on opening the fridge and freezer all day. I really hope the repair folks are able to fix it. It’s still under warranty, so hopefully so!! We shall see.

We ended the day with popcorn and an episode of Duck Tales. A very special treat to watch TV after dinner.

Thank you to my wonderful family for making this day special. Making memories…

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