zoo, dinner & dessert

We went to the Santa Barbara Zoo for a special event they were having on Friday- Avery’s birthday. We were fortunate enough to meet up with a few friends. Avery wanted to know why more of her friends weren’t there- it was her birthday, you know!

We met a few of the characters from Yo Gabba Gabba. The animals were all pretty active. Avery’s favorite were the penguins and the elephants- the one animal she really wanted to see. She informed all the people around us that these were “Asian Elephants because they have small ears.” Sawyers favorite part was the Koi pond, he would have stayed and played for another 20 minutes if I let him. It was a little crowded, there were a few classes there on field trips, but the kids did ok.

Avery & Brobi
SB Zoo was fun

We left at 12:30, so we could get home to nap before going out to dinner. Avery’s choice? BJ’s!! Not for the pizza, but for their fabulous mac and cheese. You know the same stuff I can make at home out of the blue box!!  We met grandma and great grandma for a scrumptious dinner. Avery got a free piezookie since it was her birthday. She enjoyed each bite!

Grandma bought her this Aurora Styling Head. Avery had been eyeing this toy for a while at the Disney Store. She wanted to open it right away, but we made her wait till we got home.

Birthday Piezookie @ BJs.

Then we met a few friends at Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream at the mall. All the kids got chocolate ice cream!! They all enjoyed it, then they played at the play area in the mall. All the kids went home tired, worn out and ready for bed.

ice cream

When I asked Avery if she had a good birthday or a great birthday, she explained that she had a great birthday, but she wished her birthday was more often! Don’t we all!!

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