muffins with mom

Avery’s school had a “Muffins with Mom” event this morning. It was pretty cute. I was surprised and impressed that every kid there had a mom or aunt or grandma there. There were muffins, fruit and coffee, water & milk. And some cake too.

Enjoying our muffins

The kids sang a song a cute song with motions and everything. I think they are going to sing the same song at graduation in a few weeks.

Each student planted a few sunflower seeds a month ago to give their moms today. The kids had been watering them and making sure they got sunshine. They had sprouted and now we get to replant them. They each decorated their cans and made a card too.


In the card Avery answered a few questions about me.

Why do you love your mother? She drops me off at school.

What does your mother do to make you happy? Surprises me with birthday surprises, like a Barbie coloring boo when I woke up and I was four. She lets papa buy me my singing bear. She kisses me and gives me bear kisses.

What does your mother look like? Her hair looks like a fox shiny color. She looks like a queen.

What do you do to make your mother happy? One time I went and got a clam shell and out a ring in it. That made her happy.

What do you like to do with your mother? Sleep with her. (She means sneak into our room at night… she doesn’t get away with it for long…)

3 caballeros

After the Mother’s Day Muffin fun, the kids put on a parade since it’s Cinco de Mayo. The kids all wore sombreros and got instruments. They even play “La Bamba” during the parade.

her BFF (at school)

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