LA Zoo

We took a field trip to the LA Zoo with a few friends. We (Avery, Sawyer & I) had never been there, but our tour guide had. She knew where to go, which trail to take and which animal we “had” to see. We got there right at noon, so as soon as we walked through the gates they kids had to eat. We found come picnic table in front of the seals to eat our lunch. The seals were swimming all around while we ate. It was fun t watch.

playing in the bamboo

The chimps were in rare form! When we got to the exhibit we didn’t see any chimps at all, as we were about to leave and check out the next exhibit 8 chimps came out all in a line- like follow the leader. They were all over the place! Jumping around, swinging from the ropes and just being silly. The kids just followed them from window to window laughing.

Monkeying around!!

We saw a lot of animals, but no elephants! The one animal Avery asked about seeing. They are making a new exhibit for the Asian elephants. Sawyer liked the chimps the best and Avery said she liked the giraffe the best. She chose to wore her giraffe dress to the zoo. There was one giraffe out when we walked by the exhibit and he was walking around his pen, strutting his stuff. It was awesome.

crazy kids-This picture somewhat sums up our trip- it was wild but really fun!

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